CBCT Surgical Guidance – what is the difference between Dynamic Surgical Guidance and Static Guides?

What are the benefits of using the Inliant Clinical Dynamic Surgical Guidance system?

Can I still operate free-hand with the Inliant Clinical system?

Does using Inliant Clinical limit or change my soft-tissue management techniques?

Does anything need to attach to the handpiece with the Inliant Clinical system?

Does Inliant Clinical require a special cart?

Does Inliant Clinical require any in-process calibrations?

Can I have an Inliant Clinical system in more than one operatory in my clinic?

How long will installation take? Will it require renovating my operatory?

Does Inliant Clinical require changes to my surgery protocol?

Is Inliant Clinical compatible with my preferred brand of dental implants?

Will using Inliant Clinical add to the surgery planning time?

How will Inliant Clinical impact chair-time for the procedure?

What type of warranty does Inliant provide?

I would like to purchase Inliant Clinical, who should I contact?

Navigate Surgical Technologies Inc.

Address: 1758 West 8th Avenue Vancouver, BC, Canada V6J 1V6
Phone: 604.637.4497
Toll free: 1.844.333.5578
Fax: 604.620.2903
Email: info@inliant.com
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